Reviews in Finnish:

Inferno Magazine 4/5
9/10 Album of the Week
Eye On The Sky ei ole mikään parin osuman levy, vaan vajaat kolme varttia sarjatulta maalitaulun keskustaan. Vuoden 2011 tähän asti positiivisin yllätys ja kotimaisen melodisen heavyn kovin debyytti vuosiin.

Reviews in English:

Rock report
3.5/5 I can only hope that more albums of this calibre will follow on Pure Legend Records.

82/100 As for the rest of the musicians, congrats! I seldom heard such a tight teamwork between drummer and bass player! On top of all the great combinations of simple guitar playing / hard keys or the other way around makes the album complete! Very Strong album!
17.5/20 a first calling card forSTARGAZERY d' excellent invoice, let us wish success, recognition also with this group! It deserves it!
IF YOU LIKE IT, BUY IT! This is Classic '80s European Melodic Hard Rock with an edge done with class, perfect musicianship, very melodic, massively accessible and entertaining. "Eye On The Sky" smokes, crank it to 10 and enjoy.
6.9/10 Other adjectives, however, include classic, timeless, old-school, and dependable.
3/5 ..more traditionally directed towards the likes of Yngwie, early Europe, Jaded Heart, and pretty good at that indeed.
5/5 I do believe the great start will mean an even stronger follow up album - in line with the Astral Doors discography.
9/10 With such a strong pedigree of musicians, making this album good was always going to come naturally, but really they have all gone above and beyond here and created something that easily stands head held high against anything these guys have done in the past, maybe even surpassing most of it too.
7/10 The bottom line is that "Eye On The Sky" is a great introduction from high skilled musicians who know their way around this sound.
8/10 As a result, most people who enjoy this genre should love Stargazery!
81/100 This is melodic metal the way I like it, not too heavy but certainly not to soft and with this kind of metal Stargazery have to reach a big audience.
3.75/5 Eye on the Sky is full of mid-tempo Heavy Metal..
Most importantly: It is nice, play it twice! And million more times after that, because this is album you have been waiting for!
80/100 And Stargazery has composed a strong debut album, and shows that they have the skills to stand out.
8/10 You do not need to be unique, not at all, but you do need to have something special, and this album is just that.
4/5 Eye on the Sky is a fine melodic metal debut, for fans who still love it. Recommended.

Reviews in German:
6.5/7 Es gibt keinen Aussetzer, alle Songs der Platte sind ausnahmslos klasse!
6/7 Für all die Melodic- und Powermetal Fans, ein sehr empfehlenswertes Album.
Dann bekommt er eine verdammt starke Melodic Metal Scheibe mit einigen herausragenden Hits geliefert, die den letzten Outputs einiger der genannten Größen um Längen voraus ist. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger!
9/10 Hier haben wir es mit einem der Melodic Metal Highlights des Jahres zu tun!
9/10 Wer sich für die genannten Bandvergleiche und/oder Musik an der Schnittgrenze von Melodic Metal und Hardrock interessiert, sollte STARGAZERY dringend antesten.
7.5/10 Fazit: Ein gutes Melodic Metal Debüt aus Finnland.
Sehr gut Bewerten Mit "Eye on the Sky" ist den vier Finnen ein fulminanter Hardrock/Melodic Metal Kracher gelungen, dessen erfrischend kraftvoll sauber produzierter Inhalt auf ganzer Linie überzeugt.
4/5 Ihr werdet es ganz sicher nicht bereuen. Tolle Scheibe.

8/10 Kaufempfehlung für eines der bislang besten Melodic Metal Alben des laufenden Jahres geben. Well done, Guys!
4/5 Mich haben Stargazery überzeugt!

Reviews in Spanish:
9/10 Asi que amantes del heavy hard clásico ya han sido advertidos, tienen aquí una razón más que suficiente para pegar una oída a estos nuevos Stargazery, una bandaza con un pedazo de vocalista al frente.
3/5 Aunque todavía no hay mucho material disponible para ver y/u oír,ya podemos decir que este proyecto finlandes va a dar mucho de que hablar a lo largo de este 2011.

Reviews in Italy:
7.5/10 Buona la rilettura di "Headless Cross" dei Black Sabbath, del periodo epico con Tony Martin.
73/100 Una gradita sorpresa e un raggio di sole nel grigiore invernale che il genere sta attraversando.

Reviews in France:
9.5/10 J'ai adoré, tout simplement ! Bien évidemment un tel avis n'engage que moi mais Eye On The Sky est mon grand coup de coeur (+0.5 pour la note !) de ce début 2011 et il surclasse certaines nouveautés de "stars" du Metal.

Reviews in Japan:

Burrn Magazine 84/100