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<p>Remember those awesome toon Legend of Zelda games on the DS? Well, you can still play them - so quit reminiscing.</p><p>On a more serious note, you can actually revisit them in a totally new way thanks to the new Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC that just launched during Nintendo's latest Direct.</p><p>The new DLC includes content based around the popular DS titles Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and allows you to play as toon Link. You can battle foes with the Sand Rod and Spirit Train - that's awesome.</p><p>You can also play as toon Zelda and fight in her Phantom form. Have all of your dreams come true?</p><p>Well, they have now, as Nintendo is also discounting all previous DLC packs so you can get them at a reduced price.</p><p>Good old Nintendo.</p>.

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